Vion Lue


In Uncategorized on June 1, 2009 at 5:41 am

Have you ever been on Bergen St, Brooklyn,NY below flat bush ave and fifth avenue. Once you get off the train and walk upstairs, if you haven’t been in Brooklyn, well this part of Brooklyn is no ordinary strip.All the stores have the same external aesthetic, classic contemporary look. No neon lights with oversize signs or store fronts that haven’t been updated since 1980. Enter private stock a Retail store owned by guru Pierre who started la vadette a Womens boutique on fifth avenue and now private stock. a vintage look combined with a clean preppy aesthetic , converse by john vervatos, monarchy,Vans, Levi’s premium, luggage not available for sale, Aviator shades and some nice button up shirts for grown ups. After shopping you can get a nice organic drink from organic Heights. where this beautifull young lady was waiting on her friend.

Yuki Damion Wongsang
458 Bergen St, Brooklyn –

(718) 230-0055


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